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picture of mixing board Toft Audio Designs may be a new company to the professional audio industry, but the people behind it are seasoned veterans. Toft Audio Designs is dedicated to providing high quality, well engineered professional audio products at a very competitive price.

Malcolm Toft, the designer behind the products has an excellent pedigree as a recording engineer with credits like the Beatles' Hey Jude, David Bowies Space Oddity, and James Taylors first album just to name a few. While an excellent engineer, Malcolm Tofts ability as a designer of audio products is legendary.

Malcolm Toft was the founder of Trident Audio Developments and the designer of the classic A Range, Series 80, TSM, and Series 65 consoles. These consoles from the early 70s are still making hits in todays market. Malcolms design ability has always been present. His recent 980 console under the MTA banner was a huge success, and found in many professional recording studios all over the world.