Raindirk ...

picture of board DECEMBER 1972: Deep Purple asked Cyril Jones to submit designs for a 24 recording console for installation at the former De Lane Lea Kingsway Recording Studio. This studio hosted recordings of The Who, Micky Most,
The Animals, etc. The console is now 33 years old and still performing in Dusseldorf at the Atom H studio. Artists
at Kingsway included of course, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Leo Sayer, Adam Faith, McCartney, and Wings with
Band on the Run.

1974: Olympic Studios London purchased 3 recording consoles for studios and a special Series 3 fitted with the now
sought after Helios Mic/EQ channels in the meter bridge above the channels as alternative EQ. Mr. Rupert Neve, yes Rupert himself, purchased one for his religious foundation work. His comment; "Cyril Jones is very good and conservative, excellent performance and good implementation" - Audio Media interview

1979: The first Raindirk "In Line" production console, the Concorde was co-developed by Raindirk and one was sold to
Pete Townsend of Who fame. Several are in use today.

1980: The first of a batch of TV studio consoles left the factory for South African Broadcast Co., the order ultimately totalled 45 consoleswhich included 11 for mobiles.

1987: The Symphony console programme began. This broadened into recording, film and mobile. On the Symphony console,the mix noise from 24 channels is an incredible -90dB ref to 0VU. This with the console in line input status and all faders at0dB!

1999 to now: The past few years has been spent translating Raindirk's unique console experience and technologies into studio rack mounted units.After much research and development, we present to you in this website the first line of Raindirk rackmounts.

Music recorded or mixed via Raindirk consoles has graced almost every home world wide. From the 3 tenors live concert world wide broadcast , the Barcelona Olympics, Pavarotti in the Park, Hyde Park, London with Decca Recording, Genesis, Dire Straights, Phil Collins, almost every major group or artist to visit and tour the UK. Jeff Lynne of the Traveling Wilburys, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Abba, Rod Stewart, Athlete, Prince, Madona, Eric Clapton and Tom Petty have all graced Raindirk's technology.