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picture of product Klein + Hummel studio monitors have been setting global standards in professional sound reproduction for decades. Conceived as acoustically uncompromising tools for the evaluation and fine-tuning of sound material, Klein + Hummel studio monitors provide studio engineers across the world with authentic reproductions of even the smallest recording details.

Klein + Hummel doesn't just make studio monitors. Rather we develop precise measuring instruments tools that analyze sound and detect the tiniest of aural nuances. Progress built on tradition. Since 1945, Klein + Hummel have shown an unwavering pioneer spirit in achieving perfect sound reproduction. Fueled by passion and commitment, Horst Klein and Walter Hummel assembled a small team of specialists near Stuttgart: a team which has developed premium studio products for sixty years. Today, they represent the gold standard in audio reproduction. In 1958, Klein + Hummel introduced the first stereo amplifier with high fidelity (hi-fi) quality.

Within two years, the Klein + Hummel product palette encompassed an entire range of professional studio equipment. Many of these products have become legendary classics of contemporary studio technology. Today, Klein + Hummel is one of the worlds leading designers and manufacturers of innovative studio products, and remain deeply committed to continuing our tradition of innovation with the design and launch of the next generation of high quality products.

The new millennium began in style with the O 500 C, the worlds first fully digital, FIR-controlled main monitor.