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picture of product The Flea Company specializes in custom made vintage microphones which are made meticulously by hand in Europe.
The company was founded to satisfy the needs of customers in the areas of the music industry such as sound engineers and technicians, recording studio owners and others operating in the area. All of our clients have one wish in common and that is to own a unique high quality microphone.

The most important man in FLExible Audio project is Milos Rojko. Sound engineer, musician and technical director for several studios, he turned into a designer for FLEA. Regarding the enquiries Milos received for many years for maintenance and restoration of vintage microphones, the necessity to product spare parts for those mics appears. FLExible Audio was born. His natural curiosity and positive feedback from his clients led Milos to consider producing microphones. FLEA first produced legendary microphones' replicas (U47 and C12) but a new range of microphones "made in FLEA" is also developed.

FLEA's microphones are custom made for each user. Microphones are handmade and prepared for each order considering client's wishes. The mic the customer receive is not an "out of the stock" object but a real "custom made microphone".

Legendary microphones' replicas

FLEA 12 : exact replica of the famous C12.
FLEA 47 : exact replica of the well known U47.
FLEA 49: exact replica of the well known M49