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picture of product Based in Southern California, Brent Averill Enterprises (Now BAE Audio) build hand-wired transformer-balanced outboard gear faithful to the classic English designs of the 1970s.

The BAE 1023 Mic Pre EQ is a 10-series module that expands on the design principles behind the famous 1073. It is totally hand-wirred using Carnhill (St. Ives) transformers. The 1023 adds significantly more frequency selections

design in the mid and hi sections than those on the original design. This makes the unit a much more flexible, useful tool during the recording process.

BAE 312A Module and Rack-mount Mic Pres

The BAE 312A mic preamps are made using the new Avedis 1122 opamps. Their sound is exceptionally punchy with great bass and a clear, extended top end. These cost-effective mic press are excellent for drums and percussion. They are often sold in sets of 6 or 11 to cover an entire drum kit.